Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Story

My son just came out of his room to tell me what he wants for Christmas. He said he wanted me to be prepared.

Many years back there was a time when Microsoft came out with this wonderful computer/gaming system--the X-Box 360. Everyone wanted it. Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to get. Believe me, I tried. I called Best Buy and Circuit City three times a day. One day, after try after try, I actually missed getting one by 20 minutes. I stood in Circuit City and cried...I think sobbed might best describe it. In the end, I told my son I was not going to be able to find one before Christmas and I vowed to never again play that game. I got the X-Box 360 from Costco in March and I let my son stay home from school to play video games.

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  1. oh what we parents will do to make our kids happy!! I remember my Mom calling me and asking me "how many cabbage patch kids" I wanted...NONE!! but of course each girl HAD to have one! lol