Monday, December 27, 2010


Today was day one of the closing of Bearpaws and Hollyhocks. The store will close for good on Friday, December 31st. Everything was 50% off and there was a mob scene. There had to be more people than would be allowed by the fire department. I got there at 10:20am and tried to shop. It was so crowded that I chose to concentrate on purchasing more of the Martinique fabric line. Because of where it was, I found myself bypassing the entire fabric cutting line, ending up number 6 in line instead of number 100. The purchasing line went a bit faster, but still I was there until 1:40pm. I called home and my sister and her girls had arrived from Southern California. She called me a slacker fro not being there to welcome them--my son was there. I will have to make up for that!

I had this dream of walking in and finding only a few people there since it was a Monday and don't you think people would be a t work??? I thought I would walk in and grab a few things I knew to be there last week and I would shop leisurely and be out of there by 11:30am. Ha! I wasn't the only one who thought this. Imelda told me she had the same vision. Why weren't these people at work????

I am thinking of going back to see how it went on Thursday. One final good-bye and maybe there won't be so many people--everyone seemed to be shopping today--and I can look for somethings for my friend, Sandy, who is out of town for the week. I am sad to see it all end.

While I was there, I remembered to get the particulars for the quilt that Lindy was going to do as a block of the month. She seemed so excited 5 weeks ago. I asked for the advertising poster and was told to put my name on it and see what happens. It is Micheal Miller/Swirly Girls Bonne Ami in blue and green or pink and white.

One last mention. My friend Sandy is one of the dearest people I know. Today she is sad because her brother is in the hospital with a blood infection. Please include them in your prayers tonight. I know I will!

May you be healthy and happy this lovely evening and enjoying the love of family as I am.

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