Monday, December 20, 2010


When my mother died 15 years ago, she had this cusinart mixer/chopper that was specially ordered. All of her counter top appliance type items were specially ordered in a specific color--cobalt blue. I took these home. The coffee maker has since died and a few others have gone, but the cusinart was my favorite. I had it put away for space reasons, but I began wanting to use it as I watched more and more of the Food Network. I have been looking for it for months.
I was convinced that it was in my pantry. I made my daughter look for it several times. I finally accepted that it may have been given away. Then I thought, "we haven't looked in the shed." The shed is a black hole for dishes, small things with no place and my parents stuff that is too valuable to get rid of. My sister would love it if I let her in there to clean it out. It is possibly the one bit of proof of my hoarding tendencies. Today I sent my son out there to take the door off so he could look for it. A while back the door fell off and my husband screwed it shut. My son tells me it isn't in there--the spider infested shed, so can he put the door back on. Turns out he barely looked inside. He hates spiders. There weren't really very many spiders--mostly spider webs! I actually went in and looked and I found it!!! Not sure it works yet, but I can only hope!

Julie :)

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  1. You crack me up!! You really missed your calling!! ;-)