Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Upset!

Yesterday I found out from my mother-in-law that Bearpaws and Hollyhocks is closing. Not that I want to be unsympathetic, but really. I have a group there. Nice sharing! I was at the store today and there isn't even a sign, nor are the employees sharing this news. You have to go to the website and how did I find that out? Another person called to tell me. Who cares about the website? Why would I go there regularly? Does anyone? And why are some customers being told and not all customers? I know this because that is how my mother-in-law heard--from her friend, a customer who happened into the store that day. Those of us who are part of a group (groups extending into 2011 when there will be no shop) should have been notified. That would have been common courtesy. I was just there Monday evening. Who decides to close a store in one evening? For heaven's sake, I was there less than a month ago with Lindy going on and on about a new block of the month she was starting after the first of the year. I have recently spoken of this to her, telling her how excited I was and how I was thinking of doing the green version and she never said a word. Thanks.

We should have been told.

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  1. It's so sad when a local shop closes. I have lost two quilt shops near me. One I didn't care about, but the other was my favorite shop and I really miss it. Like Bearpaws/Hollyhocks the owner had some health issues and didn't announce it until she had the sale...