Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tamales 2

We were at the best decorated house EVER! Above is the best idea for towel storage. If I could get the loving husband to do this for me, I could free up a closet for my scrapbooking. I am marshaling my argument for a shelf as we speak. Look below at the tree picture. I took 26 pictures because it was all so beautiful. What a talent for decorating.

Here is the evidence of my hard work yesterday.

We were at the house of one of my friends. Her son came by and tasted all of the fillings and pronounced the chicken to be the best. I still like the pork best, but I opted to make beef filling. I have enough filling left over to make another 2-3 batches of tamales. I am thinking that it would be worth it to purchase them, but I love to cook and this was really fun. I am the worst tamale maker! Mine were anemic and looked like cigars.

One thing this did is make us all want the tamale/seafood steamer that Wal-mart sells. Sandy got the last one in Sacramento, so we are going to be disappointed. I may have to use my faberware pot to steam. I have pots for steaming, just not that size.
Have a great week! I hope to. One of my favorite people has been out for 2 months and she is coming back Tuesday. How great is that!
Julie :)

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  1. Ah, Julie-Julia it was so much fun making Tamales with you. I love my tissue holder - need the pattern please!? It is in my purse ready, waiting and so pretty. Thanks!