Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What comes out of my mouth!

I was looking at my comments and I read one that Kim left a long time ago. She was surprised that I ever said a bad word. I am deceptively sweet. Just read my yearbooks from school and you will think EVERYONE thought I was just the sweetest thing! Not really. Just last week I was in the office I share with three others. The office is just off the staff room and our door is always open. That day, I dropped a pen and (sure I was alone), and I said "Oh Shit!" As I bent down to pick up the pen I hear our school secretary say, "Julie, I can't believe I heard you say that!"

Of course I said "sorry" immediately. I would have said that even if I was alone, after all, you just never know who might be listening!

Good night for real this time!
Julie :)

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