Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's the new year!

I have three items on my mind:

1. I passed the mom test. Okay, it is my own test, but I still passed. My children are adults, but adults who still live at home. For the first time ever, my son had plans for New Years Eve that didn't include his parents. He drove to Davis and was supposed to be going to a bar with his friend Erik. The original plan was to go to San Jose. I didn't panic that my son and Erik wanted to drive 3 hours away to attend some party....I was rewarded when those plans fell through and the Davis plan appeared. I made it all the way to 1pm today before I started worrying. In my defense, it was raining and he was driving.... So, he showed up at 2pm and I never called him once! He did tell me the plan to go to this bar lasted an hour when it became apparent that it was cowboy night and the highlight was line dancing! The group walked over and stuffed nine people into a taxi and went back to Erik's to play beer pong. Erik has a roommate, Dat, who is from Vietnam and just stepped off the boat last week. Welcome to the U.S.!

2. I confess. I love the show, Glee. I had never paid attention to it. There always seem something else on. Then, this December we did secret Santa at work. I was Santa to Jinne. She loves Glee. Even though we had to stay within $20.00, I found a Glee CD for her. She seemed so thrilled that I decided to watch the next episode. I loved it! It was a Christmas episode and there isn't much I love more than Christmas music.....I will be glued to the T.V. each Tuesday evening at 8:00pm--Channel 40.

3. It is a new year. I can't decide if I should make the same resolutions I have made for the last 3-4 years and have yet to keep them or if I should make new ones. One I will make is to pay more attention to everything. And I will begin to again keep up with my scrapbooks. I will start this month.

Okay, I could be better at answering my cell phone. Wish me luck!

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