Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to sewing or rather hand stitching with friends on Saturday. I seriously cannot wait! I am emailing obsessively and calling. Just talking about it makes me happy--not twitterpated (go to Kim's Big Quilting Adventure--you won't be sorry)--just darn happy.

I am having such a hard time all week--work is wearing me down and I look forward to the weekends like never before. I have even stopped sewing all week! So unusual for me. After tonight, I vow to stop letting stressful days stop me from spending quality time with my sewing machine after tonight. Tonight I went over to my in-laws so I could spend some quality time with my sister-in-law. I really do love her. She is part of the good in my husband's family. In fact, I am lucky because there is a darn lot of good in this family that I have made my own!

I hope you all have something wonderful to look forward to this weekend. I just love it when people are in my boat.

Another happening this week. I have made a new friend. It is unusual when I find I want to be friends with a guy. Most guys don't really interest me except to exist as husbands or boyfriends of my girl friends. Gary, husband to Leah--wonderful guy, but really the friendship is with Leah, although I could call Gary in an emergency and I am sure he would help me out--car problems, removing dead animals etc. Bill, partner to Sandy--just adorable, but don't see us hanging out together, Sandy is really the friend. You get the idea, but now I think I will have three guy friends. I have Noel and Paul and now I am adding Larry. Larry is just sweet like Paul and Noel. So now we know what it is that I require in a guy friend.

Hope we chat again soon.

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