Monday, September 13, 2010

Confession time

Today I am admitting that I (can I really say it???) bought a quilt from a store. I am so ashamed. Until now, I haven't bought anything for my bed that wasn't made by either me or my mother-in-law. I saw an advertisement in my magazine--Better Homes and Gardens--and I had to go see what was there. I saw this particular one. I stopped some poor helpless male who worked there--someone who probably knew NOTHING about that part of the store and was just passing by when I asked him, "does this ever go on sale?" Imagine my surprise when a week later it was on clearance. I threw caution to the wind and made the purchase. Yesterday I put it on the bed and my husband came in and laid on the bed in his dirty socks--and his clothes--and all I could think was, "damn, does he always have to do that?" Then I remembered it was from the store, not made at my sewing machine with hours of work poured into it and did not cost the major bucks that come with buying fabric and the quilting (even though my mother-in-law does it for free--I still have to buy my own batting), and it was on clearance, so do I care if my husband has on dirty socks? I do, but not as much.

I have another picture to show, but I can't figure out how to move it down and I have bothered my daughter a few too many times tonight (and she did give me her treat receipt for Starbucks and I got a grande non-fat coffee frapacchino with whipped cream), so I will post a 2nd time.


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  1. This is funny, (dirty socks on a bed, but you don't have to be so upset cause you didn't make it) but so true. I bet you were doing the happy dance when you found it on clearance! Good for you.