Saturday, September 4, 2010

The family is back together

Wow! Did I whine just a bit last night??? Thanks to Orcs Mom and Gran for their hugs. Isn't it nice to have friends that will put up with a bit of whining form time to time??

Today my husband came home from a long trip to Montana. He goes every year. His parents have 33 acres in Emigrant and it is a yearly vacation. He goes up and does little jobs for his dad. This year he redid the root cellar, had the trees trimmed and did little fixit projects. This year he also made a huge giraffe and hung it in the trees so that when you are driving down the high way it looks like a giraffe is peeking out at you. My husband has quite the sense of humor and loves to find ways to make people laugh.

It is always a vacation for me when he is gone. Dinner is more casual, the bed is mine and mine alone. The kids and I go our separate ways a bit more and no one leaves the toilet seat up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, he is pretty handy to have around. Yesterday the lawn mower died. When my son started it up, oil came flooding out. Even I know that is not supposed to happen. My husband was home only a few hours before he had taken that darn lawn mower apart, put it back together and was out mowing the lawn. When he is gone, the whole house seems more relaxed, but I am always happy to see him come home. Tomorrow night I am making a steak dinner for him with campfire potatoes and green salad.

This homecoming also means the constant stream of friends comes back. I swear they just know he is home. When they begin to call, I will tell them (like this time) he won't be home until Monday, but that never works.

One thing I did this time was to stay out later than usual. A small circle of friends got together and we sewed all day a few weeks ago. Some of the group left around 5pm-ish, but I stayed until 7:30pm. I usually go over and sew with this one friend at the end of the month and I always go rushing home to make dinner by 6pm. I have realized that it won't kill any of them at home if I don't get home by 6pm. It was gloriously lovely on the freeway with very little traffic and we had pizza at 8pm for dinner. I might not be so antsy to leave in the future. My children are adults and were fine with me getting home at 8pm bearing Round Table pizza (large chicken and garlic). My husband can make do with a later dinner from time to time. What a revelation!

My circle of friends will be getting together again in October. I can't wait and I think I will be coming home bearing pizza......

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  1. I have to agree with you, its ice to have the bed to ourselves from time to time!! Enjoy your husband's homecoming, and talk to ya soon!!