Monday, September 13, 2010

New projects await

Oh my God! I think I figured it out.....on my own!

I bought this magazine on Sunday. I love reading about other quilt shops, even if I will never get to the lovely vacation state of Nebraska, or Utah......

This first quilt comes from a shop in Stafford, Texas--wherever that is. The most I know about Texas is that my Uncle Wilburn is from there and it has these nasty bugs called chiggers, so thinking of visiting, oh sometime like never. I am picturing this in blues and browns. The pattern is called Chocolate Mint, but I am a lover of the color blue!

This next project is a wool wallhanging from Williamsburg, Iowa, a mere hop, skip and a jump from my nephews Sammy and William who live in Bettendorf, Iowa--not that I will be visiting there anytime soon. That saying--a hop, skip and a jump--is what my dad always said to us as we were backpacking through Desolation Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our destination could be MILES away, as in REALLY far, and he would still try to convince us (me, my brothers and my sister) it wasn't too far. We only fell for it the first couple times.

Back to the wallhanging. This new obsession can be blamed on my friend Kim (Kim's Big Quilting Adventure). She had to teach a class and I had to take it. I got lots of compliments on my bunny pillow (my $40.00 pillow that I gave to my niece for her birthday with instructions to treasure it for the family heirloom it is) and I was hooked. Now I visit Thrift stores regularly, think of crazy quilting, etc. I suppose there is room to blame a few others--Sandy, Shirley, Imelda, Irene.....Thank God for friends to drag me with them. Otherwise I would be really bored all the time.

So, now I am looking forward to Saturday when I will attend a luncheon for my guild and then on Monday when I get to see Shirley, Kim, Pam, Colleen....
My daughter just came out of her room. She isn't as impressed with me as I am, so I am going to bed. My husband appreciates my talents.........where did I go wrong with her???
Julie :)

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  1. We have the same daughter! LOL!! Oh well, I guess we can hope it skips a generantion and our grandkids will love it. The blue and brown quilt will be lovely should you choose to do it. Fun to dream isn't it?