Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meeting At Walmart

Today I took my daughter to Walmart. She was intent on purchasing a fall quilt that she saw in the Better Homes and Garden magazine. I have to admit that I do shop at Walmart--for specific items. Since we were there, I did make a turn through the food isle to pick up a few things. As I walked down an almost empty isle, I thought I saw a co-worker, Missy. There was a girl with her,who she introduced as her daughter. I introduced my daughter and Missy replied, "You are blocking the isle." This while I was remarking on how many of us live in the same neighborhood. We went our separate ways and later in the car, my daughter remarked that she seemed a bit rude. I do think Missy doesn't like me. She just doesn't seem the least bit friendly, yet all I hear about her is how friendly she is! It only bothers me because I've heard how great she is and I was looking forward to getting to know her. One thing I do know is that we have scrapbooking in common, but it may not come to be that she becomes my friend. I can't be friends with everyone.

Just a word about names. Another blogger, who is my friend, gives some people pseudo-names to protect their privacy I expect. After all, some people might not choose to be mentioned on some one's blog--to have even a smidgen of their personal life out there for anyone to read. When I rename someone, you can't count on my using their first letter of their name and then changing it or using a middle name--that kind of thing. If I am going to rename you, then you will get the name of someone you remind me of. Take Missy. She reminds me of this girl I knew in school whose real name was Anna. One day she decided to be Missy and no one told me so I kept calling her Anna. All of a sudden, we weren't friends anymore and being nine I couldn't figure it out. In fact, I called her Anna until we went to middle school. We probably would have parted company anyway by then because she was moving to be part of the popular kids. I know it is hard to believe, but I have never been part of the popular crowd. I was known and generally liked, but not popular.

So, sorry Missy that we missed this chance to be friends, but there will be other opportunities. I don't give up so easily.

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  1. Julie/Julia,
    You will always be my friend, and you can call me anything you want, just don't call me late for a meal!! or stitching! Hugs!!