Friday, October 1, 2010

Why oh Why?

Why do I torture myself? I am home today because I had a stomach ache and I am watching an episode of Law & Order that I would have missed if I had been at work. This episode gave me nightmares. So here I am watching it. It was a very good episode. This woman is found to be in a coma induced by a drug NTPT. The person appears to be in a coma, but is really frozen. They are alive under the coma aware of what is going on, just unable to move or "wake up". A real nightmare! It is positively chilling.

While I was on the computer wishing a friend Happy Birthday, even though she is mad at me because she thinks I forgot, I went on Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. She got her flu shot today.
I have never gotten a flu shot. Reason #1: I have been told that it only protects you from previous strains of the flu, not the new ones. Unfortunately, it seems that the flu everyone gets is the new strain--therefore why bother with a flu shot. Reason #2: I haven't had the flu for YEARS. I am totally tempting fate here, but it is true. I wash my hands ALL THE TIME. I am obsessed with hand cleaners. I don't touch children's faces or hands and I take great care that they never touch me. I am also known to be not a hugging type of person, therefore don't have to deal with that too often. Reason #3: I am not in any high risk group of people who we are told need the flu. I would rather my father-in-law get a flu shot than me if there is a a shortage and there always seems to be a shortage. I happen to know of at least 2 people who have died from the flu. Honest-to-God! I know you can die from it if it is bad enough and can die quickly, but again, I try hard to not be sick. I do get colds every year--every season. I eat vegetables and fruits all year. Imagine how surprised I will be if I die from the flu!

I hope I remain healthy and I hope the same for all of us!

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