Wednesday, August 8, 2012

While the mouse is away......

I know it is supposed to be the cat is away, but I have spent years telling my daughter that we are cats.  Even now, I will ask how my kitty is and she always gets mad and tells me she isn't a cat! 

So, my husband is in Montana.  "We" have property there.  Really the property belongs to cousin Shannon and my father-in-law.  When he dies (God forbid that be soon--I mean in about 20+ years), my husband will inherit one third of his half.  So we will own 1/6th of the place.  My husband and his friend, Paul, go up there every year for two weeks.  They play and fix up whatever has broken over the winter.  The house sits about 100 feet from the banks of the Yellowstone River.  It is really indescribable how beautiful it is in the summer.  I have never seen it in the winter.

This year, Paul, left his dog with me to watch.  Jack/Dog (a mix of dog) is turning out to be very alternatingly good and annoying.  He sleeps nicely, eats well and plays well with our dog, Hunter (a yellow lab).  When I sew, use my sewing machine, Jack cries--loudly.  I don't think I can stop sewing for two weeks to accommodate this dog.  Unlike Hunter, who came to us directly from his mom as a puppy, Jack came from the pound which makes it impossible to know what has gone on before that would make him whine and cry like that.  I have resorted to exiling him to the backyard when I sew, but he still comes to the door and cries--probably wondering why he is outside.  It is better when Hunter is out there with him, but then Jack has a tendency to bark.  I know my neighbor, Anna, goes to bed at 9pm and wouldn't appreciate barking at 11pm.

Speaking of Anna--funny story,  She was in the restroom at work and when she went to flush the toilet, her phone fell out of her pocket into the toilet, flushed away.  Amazing that a phone can be flushed.  There doesn't seem like there is enough room, but there is.  Anna is happy now though.  She bought an I-phone and has all sorts of new things to play with.  I am thinking I am the last person on the earth whose phone only takes and makes calls.  No camera.  No texting.  Just calls.  Word to the wise--check the toilet before you flush.

Have a great day.  If you go to Starbucks remember your treat receipt.


  1. I still have a basic phone. I sometimes think that I'd like a data/smartphone, but after avoiding social media this summer I think I will avoid it for a while longer.

    1. This year my sister bought a fancy phone and she texts. She also bought a phone for my niece who turned 12. They are both sad that I can't text. I think I am saving myself lots of time by not being able to send texts......