Sunday, August 12, 2012


It has been so hot here that I think I am melting occasionally.  Today, Monday, was day number five of over 100* heat.  The record was six days in July of 2009.  If I am melting, am I a wicked witch like in the Wizard of Oz???

Friday evening I was at Fabric Garden to take the Christmas Joy quilt class.  I met Tracy Souza, the designer, colored and embroidered until 8:45pm.  There were nine quilters in the class.  I knew five of them very well.  We had a lovely social time, but really, as my friend, Sandy, pointed out to me, this could have all been done at home.   I was curious about meeting Tracy.  She showed us upcoming patterns for the next year.  Very fun stuff.

Mostly I have been watching television--the Olympics--and playing games with my son.   I am happy about one thing this time around.  In years past the athletes would win that gold medal and then our national anthem would play.  When did we stop educating our children, teaching them to stand with their hand over their heart as the anthem plays?  This year it was done correctly over and over.  These are good kids!

Keep cool!  Drink iced tea!

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