Friday, August 24, 2012

I am still working steadily on the Christmas Joy quilt.  I also got caught up on my block-of-the-month that I need for tomorrow morning.  I have choices whether to go at 7:30am or wait and go later.  After an inner debate, I decided I would stay with my usual time.  When I am done with the "class" and purchasing, I can zoom on over to the Denny's where my in-laws will be going for breakfast.  "Our" waitress is Katherine.  She is a family friend and always treats us the best.  Where else can you go and know that a cup of coffee will appear as you sit down?  No one asks because you always have coffee--if you are me that is.  Then at noon my husband and I are headed over to see our friends, Lisa and Noel, to eat  and play cards.   Round that off with an evening at home and I am sure it will be a wonderful day. 

I am really dragging this week.  Can hardly keep my eyes open, bored with having too little to do....All my little tricks are not working--stretching, walking around, popping mints.  Maybe I am getting too much sleep.

Have a lovely day...I will get back to my project.  I am looking at quilting blogs to see what is out there.  There are catagories--recipes, tutorials, pictures.  I am putting together profiles for my guild meeting in September for the Member Demonstration night.  About half of the guild seems interested.  We shall see.
If you have a favorite and would like me to give it a look (I already included Quilting for Hearth and Home by Elizabeth), send a comment.

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