Sunday, August 12, 2012

I just thought of this story

I was just visiting Elizabeth S. at Quilting for Hearth and Home.  She had made a curtain for her bathroom, noting the need for privacy.  It reminded me of my dad.  Sometimes, when my parents and I were out like at the Fresno zoo, I would notice my dad was missing.  My mom would wave her hand and say he was just around the corner.  I didn't think anything of it and never said anything to him.  So, time passes and we go to my sister's college graduation.  I stayed with my sister at her apartment while my parents stayed in a hotel.  It was the morning after and my parents had shown up for brunch.  I went to brush my teeth in my sister's bathroom and as I was brushing I looked out the window.  I caught my dad smoking cigarettes.  He thought he was safely hiding from us.  Mary, my sister, didn't have a curtain on her bathroom window.  The thing is that my parents always made a huge deal about how my dad quit smoking years before when I was a baby, twenty-four years ago.  All those times he "disappeared" from view, he was sneaking a smoke! I grabbed my sister and dragged her into her bathroom so she could see!!!  We never said anything to my dad.  His secret was safe with us.  I guess Mary could have used a curtain on her window......


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  1. How flattered am I to have inspired you to retell a story - a secret no less! Awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by.