Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It is still hot here--109*.  I broke down and turned on my air conditioner.  Every day, my friend, Leah, calls me and asks if I turned it on,  She turned hers on when it was only 85 degrees out there.  Day after day of 100+ degree weather really runs a person down.

I am working on a project for a group of friends.  As I complete the sample, I an figuring out how much of each item I need.  I can show mine off when it is completely done.  I have to have it to at least one of them by next Wednesday.

I am also going to be cutting fabric tonight for the block-of-the-month.  We are going to do a pattern called midnight garden.  In this heat it is the only time to be out gardening.  Last night Anna from next door called and asked if we still had some wasp spray.  She was doing some clean up in her back yard and bumped against this garden shelf attached to her shed and a swarm of wasps came pouting out.  Anna was stung twice by the swarm.  Probably lucky it wasn't more.  Really lucky she isn't allergic because no one would have know she was in the back yard alone.

Last night my son went over to the other side neighbors to play risk.  I am happy to report that the only girl playing won the game.  At one point, my son came back and reported that Trevor was moving to Texas in the morning,  Trevor is 18 years old and his father lives in Texas.  He found some job there for $4.00 more than he is making at Best Buy, so off he will be flying, until he has some issue with the dad and he comes flying back.  It is a pattern with them.

I am going to eat my breakfast now--quiche made by my very own daughter--spinach and mushroom.  Yum!  Have a great day--even if it is really hot......

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