Sunday, May 8, 2011


I was just sitting here thinking of my friend and her horse. My friend and her husband had two Suffolk horses, Sam and Tom. The horses, ten years old, are brothers and quite beloved by their owners. My friend and her husband have no children and are one of those couples who consider their animals to be their children. In fact, I know they give each other gifts on Mother's Day and Father's Day from the animals--three dogs, the horses and nine cats. On Friday my friend came to work and shared that Sam had developed colic something that is very dangerous for horses. Some of us might remember an episode of MASH where Colonel Potter's Horse had colic and the entire camp turned out to force water down the horse in order to save it. Unfortunately, Sam was seeming to get better by Friday evening, but died Saturday morning. He was walked around and when led back into his stall, laid down and died. I understand when a horse lies down that is VERY bad. As a truly city-girl, I know absolutely nothing about horses. I rode a horse once and that was enough for me!

My friend is so sad. I know there are those out there who won't understand how terrible she feels. I do think pets are pets and their deaths are inevitable. I will have a variety of cats and dogs before I die, but they are just pets. On the other hand, I respect my friend's feelings and know she feels terrible and as I do for her.

Sam was a very stubborn horse and his "family" will miss him.

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