Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Surprise in My Day

I work with middle school students. Love them, adore them--still on the young sweet side, but growing up. We are testing this week. As an aide, I have been sitting in a classroom away from my desk, away from the students I usually see. I have some choices such as just sit there and stare at them (which distracts the little darlings), read (I have finished one book!) or do some hand work. I have this bit of embroidery that will one day be a quilt when I have all the blocks finished. It is a basket pattern--all baskets are different--with flowers. I believe the pattern is called Mindy's Quilt. It is a pattern by Melinda Bula, purchased at Quilter's Corner in Sacramento. My squares are all in various shades of blue on tiny blue dotted cream fabric. The quilt when finished will be a blue and white quilt. I saw this pattern done in purple and white and it was simply striking. I was given a picture of the completed quilt in purple so I can look at it occasionally and visualize mine in blue and white. The pattern quilt is done in pink. Not the same.

As I am sitting there, some of the students are fascinated. I wish I had supplies and they had the time to learn this, but alas that isn't going to happen. One of the boys told me his grandmother does embroidery. I thanked him and then spent the rest of the time over coming that reference to my being old ): --although, at his age of twelve years, if I was really young when I had my daughter and she was REALLY young when she had children (if you could see me I am crossing myself over that thought) I could be his grandmother. The boys are the ones who are watching me do the stitching the most. Now these are Hispanic boys and they are not known for doing what might be called "women's" work. I shared with them that we have one male in our quilting guild. You never know where interest might pop up!!!!!

Hope it was a lovely day for everyone wherever you might have been. It was Cinco De Mayo yesterday commemorating a battle won by the Mexicans against the French. I wasn't home last night to have dinner, so we are celebrating tonight in honor of the part of our family that hails from Mexico. Yummmm.

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