Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hurrah! We're back!

Hurrah! Blogger is back. It was down for a bit, but here we are again!

Here is a teaser for you. Yesterday I went to St. Mark's Lutheran Church here in Citrus Heights and attended a Sew Day put on by the program chair, Natalie, for my guild, Golden Valley Quilt Guild. We paid $2.00 to show we were really serious about showing up (and it helps pay for the donation to the church who is a fantastic host!) and then brought whatever we wanted to work on. Some of us worked on community service quilts; some worked on their own little projects.
My friend, Cordelia, turned a many year ago block-of-the-month blocks into fall table runners for Thanksgiving. She got three done! Then there was the strip quilt that went completely wrong, but you would never know it since she made the same mistake consistently and created a different pattern. It will be making its way to community service. As I was leaving, she was hard at work on a quilt she took off the Internet. Valerie, who is the queen of purses, was making three identical quilts for three not-identical people. Natalie was making those community service quilts--flannels for boys in blue and girls in pinks and flowers. I have no idea what Sharon was doing. I do know that Misty from Joann's at Sunrise and Madison made Sharon's dog, Peanut (a little tiny dog), an outfit to wear in the upcoming Citrus Heights parade (June) and Sharon is going to make a matching vest for herself.

And what was Julie doing you ask? I knew you would. The Sew Day began at 10:00am. At 9:45am I stood in my kitchen and said, "What should I bring???" I choose to bring a box that holds a Linda Ballard pattern. You can find out about Linda at Linda came to our guild and spoke in May of 2006. That was when I took her class. I cut out lots of stuff, bought three of her patterns and made one block. Way back in 2006. It took me a while to get the idea back, but by 3pm I had seven blocks! So, I am on my way to getting a VERY old project done. Will share the picture when I am farther along.....Now I told people about it, so I have to get my act together!

I spent the rest of the day going to Starbucks and then catching up odd blocks and making community service quilts. Very productive!


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