Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Baby Quilt

I can put off until tomorrow what should have been done today with the best of them. In fact, I should be tacking down the binding on this quilt as we speak. One day my husband asked me if I would please make him a baby quilt. The baby is a girl. How easy would that be? Really easy it turns out. I actually had a quilt top ready to be quilted. It was a black on white fabrics with really bright fabric in a log cabin design. It was fabric left over from a top I made in a class. The story of my life.... a quilt top that is ready to be quilted and there it sits. But I am wandering off the point....

I took the quilt top over to my mother-in-law who said it wasn't really nice enough. It was said nicely as she showed me some nine patches she had left over and gave them to me. I did have a cute princess material that would be cute. So, I went home and ignored the whole thing. See, I wasn't that anxious to make a baby quilt for someone who I don't know. For some reason, every time I ask who this is, I get "oh, you don't know them." Now time passed and the baby was born. It really was a girl. I feel slightly guilty that I let this go, and made the top. Yesterday, I asked my mother-in-law if she was close to getting it quilted. She called me at 4pm to tell me it was done.

I will be tacking down the binding in a bit while I watch television. I still hate making things for people I don't know, but it is done. Lots of pink, princesses and pastel green. I hope the baby likes it.......


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