Monday, May 30, 2011

Family here

Cousins Shanon and Tan are here from Southern California visiting for the 3-day weekend. We played games last night--Hoopla, a quickie scrabble game and a great game called Imaginiff. I will be looking for the Imaginiff game for a friend of mine, Lisa. Lisa usually has a birthday party for herself in May. She treats us, her friends, to a fun-filled day--a trip to San Francisco, parties at her house. once painting pottery. This year she sent out an email saying there would be no party. Her sister was killed a couple of years back and the trial is this month. There was just too much stress for Lisa to add party planning on top of it all. So, I have been on the lookout for a special gift for her. Just a little something that would say, "I know how hard this time is on you and I remember you." I remember her sister too as she was a Julie like me. Lisa loves to play games. She plans these wonderful parties for couple friends (that would be me too with my husband) with good food and alcohol that always include games and prizes. One year I was partnered with Lisa's husband and we won--a Starbucks card. Anyway, I am thinking this game might just do the trick. If you are thinking that a quilt would be nice, I have already gone that route.

I might be stopping at Toys R Us today........

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