Friday, June 6, 2014

Hello blogger friends out there! I have a computer to use now. After doing all I could to get my lap top working and failing, my son has come to my rescue. I now have his computer--a really nice fancy set up. My son likes his video games and this computer wasn't compatible with his ever increasing collection of video games. Nothing I do on the computer will stress this up. My keyboard is new because my son preferred his old one. It all looks so new. Hurrah. I have made at least three baby quilts in the past few months. I have eleven small quilts for community service ready to be quilted. Those are bothering me and I am going to quilt them myself instead of waiting for my aunt to use her long arm quilting machine. I am sorting through the unfinished projects I have. I keep finding new quilts to make. Still collecting patterns. Working steadily on the Berry picking quilt. I have twelve squares to embroider and I have one done. Hmmm, doesn't sound like I am working....but really I am. I cart my box around with me every where and I embroider where and when I find the time. I am spending time fixing up my sewing space--a place I haven't sewn one thing! I am still in the kitchen sewing. School is out for the summer. I want to get at least one project done each week until I am back at school for the new year. I figure that the three purses I am doing this weekend will count as three. My sister and her family are going to Europe this summer for two weeks. I am making over the shoulder bags for my sister and my two nieces. I have three different kinds of fabric that are scenes of Paris in three different colors--a light blue, a creme/tan and a red. They will fly to Amsterdam and go see family. My brother-in-law is Dutch and family still lives there about 100 miles from Amsterdam. Then they are going to Paris fora few days. My sister loves France. I give her French gifts every year because she was born on Bastille Day--the day the French peasants stormed the Bastille and Marie Antoinette was supposed to have said "Let them eat cake" when she was told the people were without even bread to eat. My sister has been to France before--she went for a D-Day anniversary once. After Paris they will go to London, spending a few days and then fly home to Los Angeles. Off to get some coffee. I will chat with you soon.

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