Saturday, June 28, 2014


I have so many ideas! I am hosting my 2nd Saturday group on the 12th. I wanted to surprise everyone with a field trip, but I can't think of a way to do it that I can drive everyone. I have 5 seat belts, but no air conditioning. That will not do at this time. I did hear about an exhibit of quilts at the Crocker Art Museum and that might be what we can do. It stops up from sitting all day and it stops us from eating all day. My plan is to have scones with jam and strawberries for breakfast, chicken salad on croissant for lunch. I will have mints and nuts out for snaking. Speaking of planning food, we are invited to an "over 50" party on July 5th. Funny because the person hosting the party is only 47! It really means no grandchildren ranging in age from 27 to 2 years. I was assigned to bring an appetizer. I have tried a few things including these toasts with a spread of ricotta cheese, pineapple, honey and orange zest. Nothing has worked out to my satisfaction so I am going to make my standby zucchini pie and possibly bring some hummus. Sewing project for this week: I made three purses for my sister and her two daughters. They're birthday presents and come with Euros for their trip to Europe. IN the girls purses I put journals, a pen and fruity tic-tacs. In my sister's purse I put a small notebook, pen and Altoids. Mints are the go to present for anyone leaving for a trip. There are unique features with these purses--they are worn over the shoulder and can be right in front of them as well as having thin wire in the strap to further prevent theft. I hear that you don't necessarily get pick-pocketed any more--the thieves just cut the strap and run off with your purse. So sad that we expect some of that in Europe. I sent the package off today. It should arrive by Tuesday. We are trusting the United States Postal Service. Speaking of the USPS, we finally have our own postman. He is a nice Indian guy (as in India not native American). I have given him bottles of water and my neighbor, Diane, has plied him with drinks too. It is really hot out there. For years we had great mail service, but then one day our postman (an old man actually) decided to retire. It has been years of horribleness every since. Apparently we live at the top of a hill. I actually asked them to tell where the "hill" was as I looked at the street. There is a slight rise and I mean really barely a rise. Once we got this one postman, Herb. He was great. He ran his route and our mail service was spectacular. Then some idiot let their dog run free and Herb was bit. Once you get bit, you never have to go back. Goodbye Herb. Since then our little space has been labeled an auxilary route. This meant we got whoever decided to pick up our route day by day. Mail came at really odd hours, sometimes not until 6pm. It was very annoying. This is why I always send our mail from work. I still use snail-mail and I expect something for my tax dollars. I am saying a prayer this guy works out. Have a lovely Sunday!

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