Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I am a crazy woman

I just can't resist telling this story. On Tuesday I was doing the dishes and I saw two women walking by my house. They had these purses that were just like what I am making for my sister and my nieces. I ran out of the house in my shorts, old tee-shirt, barefoot and my hair sticking out because I hadn't brushed it yet and got them to stop. The women looked really confused until I said, "My sister is going to Europe and I am making a purse for her. Yours look exactly like what I have in mind. Can I look at yours?" Turns out the sister of one of the women made the purses for them and they were both quilters. They didn't think I was strange at all. We had a lovely chat out on the sidewalk. I almost have the purses done. I only have to figure out a strap that I can feed some flexible wire through. I might have them done today.

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  1. LOL - only a quilter - and a quilter's luck.