Monday, June 23, 2014

Auburn Retreat

I have been gone since 2pm Thursday at a quilting retreat in Auburn at the Sisters of Mercy Retreat Center. It is a very lovely and peaceful place with deer gracefully prancing around the gardens, waterfalls, private benches to relax on and really beautiful landscaped grounds. The food is fabulous. I finished a small baby sized quilt, the inside of my daughter's wedding ring quilt and a adorable little bag in pink. I started a twister and then made a wrong cut, but darned if I know how I did it. I have it tucked away until I find the time to really just look at it. I am thinking that I might just keep on cutting the 1.5-inch squares and see where it takes me. One of the items I really need to purchase is a tiny rotary cutter. It was very helpful to have it--as in borrowed from my friend, Val. The blade is about 1/2-inch which makes cutting the tiny pieces easier. Val has two of the squares and is thinking of giving the second one when she finds it. Her sewing stuff is everywhere and it could be a while I am thinking. Val makes the most beautiful quilts and makes them in all kinds of fabric colors. She has an eye for putting colors together. There is naught better than getting up in the morning and being able to quilt until breakfast, a breakfast that is made for you. All you have to do is go eat it. Then being able to quilt for the rest of the day, stopping only for lunch and dinner, which is done for you. The day only ends when you are ready for sleep--which for me is about 11:30pm-midnight. On Saturday we were serenaded by a singing retreat group. They sang a song in German which were the last words of a German pastor and dissident, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, during World War 2. I am so proud that I could pick out words and know the meaning after so many years of not speaking German. I started learning it in the 7th grade and then through high school and a few years during college. Since no one here speaks German, it went by the wayside. The voices of the singers were fantastic and I wish I could sing like that, but I am NOT a singer. Today was back to the real world. It is the darling daughter's 27th birthday. WOW! Am I really old now! We went out to breakfast and then I ran her around doing errands (hers). I took her to a concert a week ago to celebrate. She spent the rest of the day with friends and is out now with her friend, Anna. It is Bachelorette night here. My secret vice! So I'll say goodnight.

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