Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good morning. It is 6:30am here and I am about to start my day. The plan is to make kits for my circle of friends. Five of us meet once a month and just sit ans sew together. We usually bring hand sewing, mostly wool projects. I think I will work on my Rabbits Prefer Chocolate squares. I also want to make a cute little mug mat for each of them--that means four, but I am thinking it won't take but an hour or so to do that. When I am finished, I want to start on my purses for my sister and nieces. That is a project that must be done by the 18th to be mailed. I will put money, small notepad and mints in my sister's purse and money, mints and a small journal in each of the girl's purses. As I contemplate my day (while my coffee is brewing), it occurs to me that I bought something to put that kit into for each of my friends and I have zero idea of where those darn things are. So now I am adding "find the bags" to my list. It grows as the minutes pass by! How does that happen? My husband just left for work and he came in a few minutes ago and asked where all his time went. Life will be better here today. It was 106*, then 103* and today an ocean breeze from the San Francisco Bay. We are so far away that the breeze cools so much before it reaches the Sacramento Valley. So, my son is providing my breakfast and I am going in to get my first cup of coffee to get started on my day. I wish us all a productive morning. Julie

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