Friday, April 27, 2012

This is one of my many projects.  I saw the picture of the quilt and the quilt folded up in a quilt shop.  I loved it so much just in the picture that I had to have it.  You can see in the pattern there are red and blue squares.  I got the pattern and got my fabrics together.  It took me a while because I couldn't find anything that was a cream with a small red and blue flower for my background.  Once I found what was close to what was in my head, I began the piecing.  I am staying in the dark reds and blues of the 1800 reproduction prints.  This was going to be such an easy project.  I began the 3rd Saturday in January.  The plan was to take it each month to this group attached to my guild (Golden Valley Quilters) and work on it.  We meet 10am to 3pm.  I figured it would go fast.  Not at all like I thought.

First, I spent the entire time in January cutting the darn thing out.  There are a lot of pieces.   All went well in February.  I got a lot done!  Then in March I went to the Yuba City Quilt show.  This month my daughter needed me to drive her around on errands and then there was some family business.  I never made it.  In May there is a party that I really need to attend in Herald.  A hours drive.   When will I ever get back to it????

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  1. Maybe you could work on it at Sandy's? Of course, that would mean actually STAYING at Sandy's and not gallavanting off hither and yon all day long! LOL!