Monday, April 30, 2012

How Does She Know Everything?

I am sure you all know about Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.  Well, I am here to tell you--she knows everything!  And I do mean everything.  I spent Saturday with my friend, Sandy.  It was the last Saturday of the month and we meet at her house to sew together.  First, we drive over to Quilter's Corner to take a short "class" and pick up a Saturday Square--Block-of-the-month.  Then we normally go back to her house and spend the day sewing.

This last Saturday, we went to Quilter's Corner.  We saw some very beautiful quilts (show and tell).  I bought a piece of fabric for my guild BOM.  We went to the credit union because Sandy was out of money.  Then we drove over to Fabric Garden to pick up these towels Sandy ordered for embroidery.    Then, because it was going to be so convenient, we stopped at Boudin's to get sandwiches for lunch.  All this was for Sandy.

When we finally made it back to Sandy's, I remembered Auntie Em was having her once-yearly sale.  Auntie Em is three women who have a ton of vintage things and they go to quilt shows.  Once a year they have a sale at one of the homes and we know where it is.  Hurrah.  I know that Sandy loves going there, so I said something to her and off we went.  I bought some more vintage handkechiefs because I love to use them for labels on my quilts.  So poetic I think.

We got back and finally sat down to sew our blocks.  The BOM this time is really adorable.  I love the baskets and haven't tired of them yet.  I even used one (a basket pattern not the BOM pattern) for my guild block of the month.  By this time I have no idea what time it is and Sandy doesn't have a clock in every corner of her house like I do.  We did eat lunch.  It was yummy, but they screwed up my sandwich.  Thank God, Sandy has mayonnaise and dijon mustard.  What I have not mentioned is that Sandy is two pieces short ina nother quilt and we asked our fellow quilters if anyone had some.  Linda Singer said she might.  As we were finishing lunch, Linda calls. She has a nice chunck (Sandy only needs two pieces 12.5 by 1.5).  We rush off to Quilter's Corner to meet with Linda because Linda is goingto Hawaii and will be gone.  We get there, have to chat for a few minutes and then go back to Sandy's. 

I have bad news.  The yellow that Linda had was the wrong fabric.  It was used in another block-of-the-month (black white and bright), but not the Shabby Chic one Sandy is currently doing.  Time is now spent looking the fabric up o the internet.  I know I didn't have it cause I looked.  I know she has a piece. It is in the star kit we both bought from Planted Seeds Designs.  I know it was hard for Sandy to part with the tiniest peices she needed.  I offered to trade my piece for hers and I would make do, but no.  She is going to suck it up and deal with it.

I left at 6:20pm.  We got almost nothing done.  We ran all over town.   Here is the thing.

                                              HOW DID KIM KNOW????

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