Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking the class....

I gave in!  I am taking the Tracy Souza class at Fabric Garden.  I know I will have a great time.  As I said last night, I am taking it with friends.  Here is the story behind it.

I saw a quilt displayed at the Fabric Garden.  There was a pattern.  It was really simple--a middle of 30 pinwheels with a border that had some (just a little) applique.  The colors were red and green--it was a Christmas quilt on the inside, but the border was this lovely barely pink fabric with tiny dots of cream.  I ususally just accept that I won't be able to duplicate the fabrics in quilts done by designers.  They tend to make the quilt at least a year before and then use their stash.  That fabric could very well be something they bought ten years ago, shich means it will never be found.  I had to have that pink.  Could not live without it. I have driven myself and a lot of other people  crazy looking for just that fabric.  I begged Jill of the Fabric Garden to look for it at quilt market, etc.  Well, she found some.  I guess there were only two bolts of it left in the whole world.  I don't know who got the other, but Jill got one of them.  Wouldn't you think that after badgering Jill and asking everytime they displayed the quilt, that I would be able to buy some???  Not on your life.  Oh, no.  Now we have to fork over a class fee to get the honor of the two yards of fabric we will need for the borders.  I have already made one middle piece (using a light blue from another Christmas line), but will make another with my other Christmas fabrics.  I am really disappointed in how this has gone.  The bright spot is that I will get to meet Tracy of Plumcute designs.  I hear she is wonderful and I will really like her.  I love her designs......  The class is in August, but I have my fabric now!!!

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