Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tax Time

I finally finished the taxes. Whew!  I'm not going to be rich, but I don't have to pay either. 

One year I did my own taxes and I accidentally put the SSI number in the wrong box and it showed that we owed $3000.00+ in taxes.  I was so sick over it.  It was 1986 and we didn't have even  a prayer of coming up with that kind of money.  I did go to work, but they sent me home.  I wasn't getting anything done.  I took my taxes to H&R Block where they showed me the error of my ways and I stopped crying (we got money back) and used H&R Block for years.  One year I took our taxes to a friend and he did a great job. Then Uncle Henry got Turbo Tax and he did my taxes.  The next year I did them with Aunt Jane (Henry's wife of course) and then on my own when the in-laws got their own turbo tax.  I have become adept at doing my own taxes.  I wish it was easier and not so upsetting to me.  If things go wrong I just cry. 

Speaking of crying, I have lost my embroidery.  I keep it in a little black suitcase and it is gone.  Where could it go off to??????  I am looking all over.  Tonight I must clean my bedroom to see if it is underneath the pile of sweaters.  I am to interested in family things to care about the laundry.......So tonight I do the big search.  I finished binding two quilts and I have made a bunch of community service quilt tops.  I am going to try quilting them on my own next week.

If you want to see the new year long embroidery project from Clover and Violet, go on over and find the button for Garden Steps.  www.cloverandviolet.com

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