Sunday, April 22, 2012

hello again

I have just been running ragged.  First, I wanted to get a picture of that applique quilt I spoke of and I forgot to take my camera to take the pic.  I called to ask if Imelda wanted to go to lunch and then I figured I could get a picture, but she was on her way to Fresno.  After years of driving back and forth to Fresno, I really feel for her.
So, no picture.  I was at a Writer's Showcase on Thursday.  It was great.  Kids entered their writing in a contest and then three students from each school were awarded a prize.  This was all done by SARA--Sacramento Area Reading Association.  Patricia Newman, children's author, came and spoke.  Each winner was given a copy of her book, Nugget on the Flight Deck.  It was so wonderful.  I missed the open house for Fabric Garden, but my friend signed us up for a class with my other friends.  Hurrah.  A day spent with Sandy, Irene, Imelda and Emma.  I did make it to hang out with my friends, Gina, Jayma, Valerie and Jill.

I made 30 kits for my guild meeting this Thursday.  Golden Valley Guild meeting this Thursday, April 26 at 7:00pm.  We meet at St. Mark's Lutheran Church at Kingswood and Sunrise Blvd in Citrus Heights. Because I abhor waste, especially fabric waste, I actually sewed part of the basket pattern for each member.  I'm not sure how many will actually purchase, so I used a bunch of small pieces with a white on white.  It is a 30's fabric basket.  Next month will be easier.  I already have it planned.  Lots of flower fabric for May.

I have just spent five minutes frantically looking for this post.  I have no clue why it left me, but I am really tired and God only knows it was probably me!

Have a great day tomorrow.

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