Friday, April 13, 2012

I am beginning to wonder if it is really gone.  I have one call left to make.  Then I think I will sit down and cry.  I love that little suitcase.  The scissors are my favorite pair.  The list goes on!

Last night I went over to sew with a friend's friend.  My friend, Imelda, has a friend, Doreen who also quilts.  Doreen invited us over to her house to see what she has done.  We had a delicious chicken dinner and then she showed off her quilts while we chatted.  So much fun.  Doreen is making an applique quilt from Quilt Soup.  She saw it done at Imelda's house and loved it so much she bought the pattern and the kit from the Stitching Station (closed when the owner retired a couple of years ago).  I am hoping to get a picture of Imelda's when I am at her house on Saturday of her completed quilt.  While we were sitting there talking about this, Irene, who was with us, mentioned that she had bought a quilt kit from the Stitching Station too.  She bought the kit at Imelda's urging and it was still sitting at her house in the very same bag that she brought home from the quilt shop.  She hadn't touched it.  We asked which pattern it was and Irene had no idea--just some quilt pattern.  All this time, Imelda was off in the bathroom.  She came back at the tail end of the conversation.  She knew exactly what quilt kit Irene was talking about and we discovered it is the same quilt!  All three of them--Imelda, Doreen and Irene--have the same quilt.  Imelda's is done.  Doreen's is begun and Irene's is still in the bag.  I think we should make her take it out of the bag and get started making the quilt.

Coincidentally, the kiddies were studying African art and it turns out there was applique.  The children don't really know what it is, so I am going to bring in a sample of my applique to show on Monday.....

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