Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Want to Go Where????

I missed a day with a group of quilting/stitching friends because I had to go to a funeral. You know that saying where if you are gone from a meeting, all the best jobs (read --jobs no one else wants) will land in your lap? I get home and find out we are taking a trip to the Bay Area. Hmmm. What could I do but go with the flow cause who else is going to keep this group out of trouble?????

We had the best time! There is a wonderful shop in Livermore, In Between Stitches. If you are ever there, you MUST pay them a visit. Completely worth driving up just to go there and check out what they have--even if you don't go anywhere else. There were quilts all over the store that I wanted to snatch up and take home. I bought a piece of a really beautiful fabric and a pattern called "House on Edgewood Lane". My idea is that I will use the colors of our own house and name it with our street name. I am willing to wait until my husband paints the trim on the house. Possibility of a new quilt could help me spur him on!!

We also went to Thimblecreek in Concord. I have a little history with this shop. I have tried THREE times to visit and have found it closed on all occasions. I am from Concord and used to visit my friend from high school, Kim, who still lived there. When I heard the store had moved there from Walnut Creek, I was so happy--elated came to mind. I had gone to visit the store when it was in Walnut Creek with two friends, Tricia and Sandy, and loved it. It was also my one and only sighting of Alex Anderson. She came in to purchase fabric while we were there.

So, there I was in Concord and so close. The first time, there was some reasonable reason to be closed with an appropriate sign that I have since forgotten. I was disappointed to be sure, but understanding. The next time I called to make sure the store was still there. I didn't say I was on my way, but who imagined they would just close without a sign this time. More disappointment, but thought it was a coincidence. Little did I know that I am a Thimblecreek jinx! I went to Concord for a going away party for Kim who was moving to Colorado. I CALLED THE STORE and TOLD THEM I WAS ON MY WAY THERE! Were they open? Nope. They had a sign that read, "closed due to lack of business." What did they think I meant when I said, "I am over by Concord High School and am leaving right now."????? I was really angry and vowed never to go there again. In fact, I was passing by the shop and even ate a late lunch at a restaurant close by the first Saturday in April (refer back to paragraph one referencing the funeral....), but refused to be lured by the scent of a quilt shop....... I must admit that my daughter, who has been with me for every visit, blatantly refused to go there for a fourth time.

So where do you think my quilting friends wanted to go???? Thimblecreek. I was holding my breath as we drove up. I really expected it to be closed--even though I did call this time also, but not the day of......It is a cute shop--lots of great fabric, patterns and a lovely block-of-the-month. I bought a pattern, but loved the shop. I might point out that there were no other customers there when we came strolling in after 4pm (they are open until 5pm). We shopped. It was to their benefit that they stayed open this time. In fact, I am thinking that perhaps it is the daughter who is the jinx. She was with me all the other times and she was absent from this visit......Hmmmmm.

As we left Thimblecreek, our last stop, we stopped for Starbucks coffees. This is becoming a tradition as we have done this every time we have ventured out (trip number two if you go back and read "Obsessed" posted on March 14, 2011). I ordered a grande coffee frapacchino with whip cream. When it was pushed over to me, there was no whip cream. I asked the guy for the whip cream (I like just a little and usually ask for light whip cream meaning not so much, but I didn't go there as these people don't know me and wouldn't know what "light" meant). He seemed surprised that I didn't know that Starbucks doesn't put whip cream on a plain-jane coffee frapacchino. On what planet???? It isn't like I have ONLY ordered this in Sacramento. Since Starbucks appeared in our part of the world there has been whip cream!!! Granted the guy did put on the whip cream, but he didn't seem happy about it. What was it that makes me think I should go back to Concord? Am I just remembering a place that existed 32 years ago when I left and it is really a much different place now? There is a lot more traffic and it seems faster somehow. I think I will stay here in Sacramento.....

We did have a really great time, but I always do with this group of women. I am lucky that they want to be my friend...

Bay Area Tour:
Stop One: Sew Many Quilts in Tracy, CA
Stop Two: In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA
Stop Three: Wooden Gate Quilts (formally Quilter's Inn) in Danville, CA
Stop four: Thimblecreek in Concord, CA

We ran out of time to check out Mainstreet Quilts in Martinez, CA, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities.......

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