Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Am Always In Trouble....

My daughter insisted that everyone know of my very bad deed. On Friday, I poured coffee in my black coffee cup and then took it outside in the backyard to drink while I listened to the birds, watched my dog play in the tree branches that were falling as my husband cut them down and chatted with my husband. I left the cup there and later asked the daughter where it went. She denied any knowledge of my coffee cup. So, I got another out. Simple.....

Today I was out in the backyard and I noticed the cup. Opps. If you have ever met the daughter you will know that she is not happy when things are out of place and when you bring in stray coffee cups a few days later. I had already received a lecture because on the dining room table there were TWO coffee cups--one from last night and one from this morning. So, because my son was out in the backyard, I waited until he was ready to go in and then told him to take the coffee cup in and tell his sister that it was his fault. It was perfect, the cup gets in the dishwasher, I am off the hook and the son is good at taking the blame in cases like this.

It didn't work. She knew it was me. Sigh. I can't get away with anything! :)

Have a lovely week!

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