Sunday, February 6, 2011


It was Superbowl weekend! My husband lost a bet and had to watch the game with his friend, Warren, waving a yellow flag cheering for the Steelers. He is so happy that Greenbay won, but Warren is probably crying in his Crown Royal whiskey.... The kids and I had a small party of appetisers and we watched a creepy movie on Lifetime. Eventually the daughter deserted me cause I would switch back to the game at commercials. It was very relaxing, but since we didn't have dinner, I am hungry. Time for cheese and crackers and then bed.

Have a great week. Tomorrow I have goals: 1. make my square for the Saturday Square class; 2. begin my embroidery for the cancer center donation quilt; cut and prepare the 12 squares for the red work embroidery project. I think I will have to start Dear Jane when I am off the week of February 20th. There is still the wall hanging for my friend's bathroom to quilt. I think I will have to post pictures.....

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  1. Hi Julie, I wanted to reply to your comments on my blog but you are set to "no reply" so can't get in touch with you. Send me your email addy. Hugs Linda