Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Letters

Kim's Big Quilting Adventure asked an important question today. What do we want? This morning I was happy to settle for a movie on DVD. It is inexpensive and easy to pick out. My husband need only say, "Daughter please get me a movie for your mother" and it will be done.
I know that most of my gifts lately have been picked out and purchased by her. I could not fail to see that his efforts had improved dramatically with our daughter getting older. Now that she is an adult, the gifts are practically perfect. My poor husband is not the best in the "get my wife a present" category, but I didn't marry him because he was a fantastic shopper. We do not go all out for Valentine's day. In fact, there were so many comment on Kim's blog (mine is number 38) saying "take me out to dinner". We would never go out on that night. I hate crowds and I don't expect superior service when everybody and their brother is eating out. I always make some kind of nice dinner and we will eat together as a family.

But, I am getting away from the true gift. I want a love letter. I will not be getting one as my husband is not friendly with pen and paper, but, again, not the reason I married him. A love letter would be the ultimate gift for any occasion. I think I might just drop the daughter a hint when my birthday comes around......

On a related husband was using the skill saw outside and blew the breaker. When he did, the outlet in the bathroom that resets it blew too. A new one would cost $25.00, but usually we have that kind of thing out in the backyard....So, my husband is busy fixing the problem and he says, "nothing gets fixed by magic." Here it does. That is one of the reasons I keep him around! That in itself is a gift.....

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  1. oh...a love letter...wouldn't that be nice. And I with you...I would NEVER want to go out to eat on Valentines Day.. We went out to dinner on New Years Eve this year (well, I guess technically last year) and had a horrible dinner at jacked up prices with terrible service. Never again..