Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching Up

Okay, I can't spell. I really can, I just can't type. I guess Spell check doesn't check the title.....

I am doing a Dear Jane quilt with others in my guild. Could still be a chance to join if you are inclined, but I make no promises....Anyhow, Sammy is our fearless leader. I love her. Like me, she has made no blocks--unlike other people who seem to be forging ahead. I thought of being really authentic and hand piecing, but I think that I will lose the thrill pretty quickly and therefore I am going to machine piece. My plan is to use all those little extras that I have left over from Jo's Little Women. I just realized there are over 5000 pieces in this quilt, so I am not even thinking about completing it--just beginning it. I will take one block at a time. You can check out Sammy's progress at http://sammykattsdearjane.blogspot.com

Sadness. I missed the Folsom Quilt Show. I always go, but I am not feeling good enough to go walking around. I missed the quilts and the vendors. So, so sad. My husband wasn't that sad because I always spend when I go.....


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