Monday, January 31, 2011

SO much to catch up on!

I went to the doctor and, after being told that there was nothing wrong with me, I got a lecture about paying more attention to my health. I deserved it, but it wasn't necessarily delivered in the nicest way.

I made one top for community service with all scraps from my stash. I turned it in to the community service committee for my quilt guild at our monthly meeting last Thursday. If anyone wants to join us, the Golden Valley Quilt Guild meets the 4th Thursday at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Kingswood in Citrus Heights, CA. We had a long business meeting. Thank God we only review the bylaws once every two years.

I started with Dear Jane. I am making this wonderful quilt. I have everything I need--book, rulers, fabric. I also found this great pattern using the churn dash pattern. I am anxious to begin this quilt. No pictures because I have misplaced my camera.

I went to the first Saturday Square for Quilter's Corner for 2011.

I have misplaced my camera. Have I already said that? I am trying not to stress out over it, but it is my camera! I am almost to the end of ideas fro where it could be. It is in a blue case. If you see it, tell me!!! Okay, you aren't going to find it, but I am out of options. I will have to have a new one and there isn't room in the budget. I have to find my camera.

Friday I went to the Church of the Good Shepard in Sacramento to hear Amy Barickman speak. She is the finder of things vintage. Go to to check out her book, Vintage Notions. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I thought there would be more showing of things--stuff she made or collected--but it was mostly talk rather than show.

Have a great day tomorrow.

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