Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Little Time

I am incorrigible. I see someone else's quilt and I desperately want to go home and start my own. What kind of disease is that??? Last night Kim showed her quilt made from her own pattern (Eye of the Beast--see her blog at I wanted to rush home and start pulling fabric. I was forced to give it second thought as I found my daughter having coffee with her friend, Pepper. We had a lovely conversation and then it was a bit late to start pulling fabric. Today just got away from me and here I am on the computer. So, it is now a Saturday project as I am having company tomorrow. But, never fear, I am this close to a new project.

Speaking of starting new projects.....I saw a quilt in a magazine at the local quilt store. The display was really just giving ideas for the red and cream fabrics from the French General collection. While the fabric was just fine, it was the pattern I was most interested in. I asked around and finally found someone who had the magazine (asking for a Jan/Feb issue of anything in November is pretty iffy). Thanks to Phyllis who sent it to me and it came today. I stuck it in with my stash of red and cream fabric I have been collecting. I don't have enough, but now I have the pattern and will be able to collect the right amount. Wish me luck!


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