Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend

Sometimes I am just too dense for words. A bit of friend, Gran, had to drive to Utah to collect her son who was in the hospital and needed to come home to recuperate. One of his ailments is mono--you know, the kissing disease. My friend, Kim, had mono in high school (1978) and we just couldn't figure why it called that since she was only kissing her boyfriend, David, and he sure didn't have it. I had forgotten that there was a time she was contagious and I wasn't allowed to visit. So, now it is 2010 and a bunch of women are scheduled to meet at Gran's house for our embroidery group on Monday. On Saturday I get an email cancelling our group for Monday evening. I was so darn supportive. Yes, you should cancel, not because you have someone with a really contagious disease staying with you, but I was thinking he might not like a bunch of women trooping around so soon after he was out of the hospital. Either way, it does work out for me, so all's well that ends well!

I spent Saturday sewing with a friend. I have never seen a quilt go together so well on the first try. All the squares are truly 12.5" and the sashing is going on like a dream. That it be well done is important because it will be a gift to someone who is becoming a U.S. citizen this year! Go Francisco! The fabrics are all reproduction 1800's for that whole Civil War look. I love those fabrics.

Yesterday ended the Be Mine Blog Tour. I found a new blog that I liked and will go back to visit, and I think I will be making her project, a valentine's pillow. I went to check if by chance I was a winner in any of the giveaways, but none have posted as of yet. As I was checking on I was reading Sherri's post titled Stash Week 3. Go there and scroll down a bit to find her picture of her top the Luna Notte quilt. That is the exact setting for the quilt from above that my friend is making for Francisco. In the book that she is working from, there is no border, but I emailed her to have her look because a border would be great.

Today I spent the morning working on my square for a block exchange. I have put this off because I was having trouble picking a background fabric. So, here I am making this block and I might have found an even better pattern on Sherri's blog (see above). I also decided to join secret sisters for my guild this year. I really miss that.

So, I wrap up the weekend playing with a new pattern. I only need one block for the exchange, but I may make extra blocks anyway as it is a 9 month challenge and I like the idea of 12 blocks. We shall see when September comes and I get all my blocks.

Have a great day tomorrow whether you work or you are off like me!!!

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  1. Another weekend - I hope that it goes well for you with fun things to do. Hugs