Monday, January 17, 2011


It is a Monday kind of day. I was sitting here thinking about a show I watched tonight. How I Met Your Mother. One of the main characters lost his father to a heart attack--I think. I confess I wasn't paying much attention, but I did pay attention when they spoke of the last words. Do we think of our words as leave someone? What would your last words be? Probably not noteworthy to a lot of people, but I would remember if they last words were "I Love You."
It is important to say what you feel. Take a chance.....

I was working on my block exchange square this weekend. I got a bit ambitious and made two. I also worked on a few community service quilts. As a way to be proactive, I made a pot of turkey soup to bring to work for my lunch. I also went to the store and bought food for the next four days with the idea of NOT going back to the store. Then the daughter comes out and shares that we are out of beer. A crime in this house. My husband loves a beer in the early evening. My father used to drink a bourbon and water everyday before dinner. I am more of a wine drinker in that respect. To continue my day, I went to JoAnn's to pick up the daughter. While I was there I met up with a member of my quilt guild, Kathy. I hadn't seen her in a while. Turns out she had broken her neck. She was sitting on the edge of her Craftmatic bed putting lotion on her hands before going to sleep. She had taken a sleeping pill and it began to kick in and Kathy fell forward into the dresser. She had hit her head on the dresser, but didn't feel bad because of that. When she fell, she broke her kneecap and that prompted the trip to the emergency room. Not in an ambulance as you might be thinking. No, she had her husband drive her there. When she casually mentioned she had hit her head, she said the doctor insisted on a full body xray and they found her broken back. The doctor told Kathy she should have been paralysed or even died because of the injury, but miracles happen and she had a back brace on for 6 months and has even healed so well that she won't need any surgery. And, good new, we will be seeing her at the guild meetings soon.

I am off to bed now!

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  1. Here I was looking for a good night story and whataIread - what a story, event, happening, miracle - with a happy ending. I guess I can go to bed now. Thanks and Good Night!