Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am working on various projects.  I find that listing projects can be really helpful in getting them finished.
     * Remember Whoo Loves You
           I am planning on doing the embroidery in the next few days.  I have a friend who has a good light     
           box set up for bigger projects.  When I get the embroidery done, I will add borders and it will be
           time to quilt.
     * Threads, Threads Everywhere
           Almost done with the words and it will be time to start the picture parts.  There are 6 squares for
           that one
     * Thimbleberries list of projects

Now--more about my sleeping issues.....I did a one week trial with the sleep machine and had to return the equipment this Tuesday past.  I already miss how awake I was during the day.  There is a 1.5-2 week wait for the results.  Then there is time for the primary care physicain to look at the results.  If you get a machine, there is a six week wait for it.  So, my question is now, what do people do in the meantime????

Room cleaning update......I cleaned up a good portion of the room and will be ready to go through my fabric this coming week.  I am off and hope to catch up on some projects--the ones I listed and others such as my 1800's 9-patch or the blue and shite quilt for my friend, Sandy.  I was seriously looking for a pattern I borrowed from a friend, Imelda, but I didn't find it.  I am thinking I need to actually reorder it.

So that is that for now.  Hope all is well with you!

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  1. Good for you, making that list! How much did you get done?