Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello there

Not a good day to talk to me.  I want to be home cutting out my new quilt pattern--Remember Whoo Loves You--not here at work.  Today I get a 15 minute lunch (which I am spending whining) because no one thought to tell me that the lunch schedule has changed.  So, I spend 15 minutes looking for the class I am supposed to be in and they are at lunch.  Darn.

I went to the Manteca Quilt Show this weekend.  It was fun.  The only quilt I remember was a reproduction of the Simple Graces quilt featured on the cover of the book by Kim Diehl.  I got the book for Christmas and want to make that quilt.  Later we (my circle of friends) had lunch at a place called Johnny's.  I had a patty melt (my favorite).  I ususally try the patty melt if it is on the menu.  So far, Red Robin makes the best and most consistant, but this one was really great!  If you are in Manteca, California, be sure to go to Johnny's and there is a lovely waitress (Lacey) who was great and buy a patty melt (only $7.95 with crispy friees and you don't even have to ask the fries be crispy!!). 

There is the bell.....

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