Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last night was our Thimbleberries meeting.  I love that group.  Everyone in there is really interesting and there is always lots of show and tell.  One of the fun things we are doing is the block of the month.  We have two choices of block of the month patterns to choose from.  One is from the Big book of Quilt Blocks and the other is Beautiful blocks for Beautiful Quilts--both Thimbleberries books, of course.  We do a block each month and show it at the meeting.  This gets us a ticket in the special plastic baggie and there is a prize drawn in December for those who do all 12 blocks.  There are a few over-achievers like Sharon who has all 12 done now, but can't get her tickets unless she shows them once a month like all of us.  No prize to the one who gets her quilt one first.  I admit that I am making my blocks 2-3 at a time.  Tonight I will be working on block number 4 for April and then block number 5 for May.

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