Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Close Call

Sometimes what you see in the movies or on television comes to life.  I do have another great story about that, but last night we had a little bit of a close call.  I was driving east bound on Business 80 and was coming up to the Marconi Curve.  It is called that because the exit right before it going east or west is Marconi Avenue.  There is a tall concrete barrier between the east an west bound lanes.  As you go into the curve you can't see what is ahead.  I love the way the road is and used to take it at 65 mph--until one day there was a stalled car and I almost rear-ended it.  There is no sign that tells you to slow down, I just do now.  So, last night at 8:45pm I slowed down coming into the curve.  Thank God I did.  Just around the corner was a black SUV driving west down the east bound lanes.  He was going the wrong way in the dark!!!!!!  If I had been going faster, I wouldn't have had the time to stop and get out of the way.  A friend was in the car with me and I had her call 911.
I said a prayer of thanks, dropped off my friend and then went home and made some 9-patch blocks.  Nothing like a little sewing to soothe the soul.

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  1. Yike! I'm glad that didn't happen to me! I don't like that curve at all; I can't imagine nearly running into someone coming the wrong way on it!