Saturday, July 7, 2012

We all need a quilting retreat!

I was all prepared to write a post about my quilting retreat and I can't find my notebook.  What a blonde I am today.  So, instead you will have to wait until I clean off my table and the indispensable notebook appears.

I have been busy with my community service quilts.  I have a pile of them to quilt.  Our community service people have put their foot down and won't accept just quilt tops anymore.  I confess that I am very guilty of that.  I like putting the tops together more than the quilting of these baby/small child quilts. 

Christmas Joy Quilt:  Tracy Souza has a Christmas quilt called the Christmas Twist.  A couple of my friends and I are taking the class.  It is more how to color and embroider the borders than how to make pinwheels.  The instructions for the class ask for the quilt to be ready with borders attached (in an ideal world).  I helped my friend put her quilt together.   The border fabric (of which I wrote about April 23, 2012) is a bit flimsy and it has waves.  I am really concerned about doing the embroidery without a stabilizer underneath.  I am willing to put stabilizer on all of the borders (thinking it will give it more stability to this flimsy fabric).  This is just one more lesson in how you make a fuss about something and it turns out not to be the best thing after all. I saw Tracy's quilt on the wall and it laid perfectly, so I am not upset and/or obsessing, justhave a small concern.  Soooo, I will email Tracy for more information.

I'm off to look for my notebook with all my carefully recorded notes.  Wish me luck.

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