Monday, July 23, 2012

My feelings were dented a little

On Wednesday, July 19th, I received an invitation in the mail to attend a BBQ at Rusch Park as a thank you for my loyal service to Surewest, our telephone company.  I tried to RSVP to no avail, after I invited the darling daughter to come home and go with me.  Turns out the contact number is a mailbox which was full before the 19th--probably because it was the contact number for two events.  The invitation directed me to go to the web site, but that won't come up.  It is a Surewest site and I have Surewest Internet.  Shouldn't I be able to get on?????

Anyway, it is all about being loyal to Surewest.  Since I moved into this house April 19, 1985, we have had Surewest--which began as Roseville Telephone.  They had a monopoly.  We were stuck with Roseville Telephone because of where we lived.  No digital television, always the last to get anything because we are on the edge of the service area.  Now they are Surewest and we have a choice.  I could get rid of my landline and just go with ATT.  We finally got digital cable while all the rest of the world had been enjoying it for years.  Not us.

Now the BBQ is full.  I have to call and change plans.  It is annoying and really hurt my feelings--just enough to make me unhappy.  I am not feeling so loyal now.

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