Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christms Joy Quilt

 I don't know how this happened, but the first picture should have been the quilt that is now the last picture.
I have spoken of the skirmishes over the Christmas Joy quilt--the fabric that I wanted and had to pay for a class in order to get the two yards I needed.  The bottom picture is the inside of the quilt--the pinwheels.  The picture above is what I did to change it just a little.  In the corners that have no embroidery, I did a broken dishes square to create interest.  Not sure if that was successful, but we shall see when the entire quilt is put together.  Now that I have this part done, I must find the two yards of pink fabric that my darling husband put away for me and has no idea where he put it.  Most likely is the fabric closet.  I am starting there on Friday--the hunt for fabric.

 Don't you just love the color of these potatoes????  My husband was putting up a screen door for our friend Lisa's mom. Judy.  Judyhas an amazing garden and she sent home with the husband, cucumbers and two bags of these potatoes.  It is a medley of potatoes--gold, red and blue potatoes.  It is a little disconcerting to eat them at first, but blue potatoes taste like--potatoes.  I am the only on who will eat them, so breakfast food they have become.  The sausages did get more browned and there was an egg and a piece of toast with coffee eaten in my backyard!

This is a secret.  Okay not so much, but no one who can't know reads this blog.  Names are changed to protect the innocent-me!  Jenny is married to George.  George is a sweet guy who weighs more than Jenny is comfortable with,  Her daughter and son-in-law are on the Atkins diet and doing great losing weight.  So, Jenny puts George on it. Now my husband was at Jenny's two mornings.  Each morning George had him drive over to Subway to get a sandwich with everything on it (including the vegetables).  While the cat is away, the mouse eats Subway.

 This is my son who refuses to eat blue potatoes.  He took this picture so he could show his online friends what he looks like as he is playing some online game.  He also plays with his cousin and best friend and they know what he looks like.  Hecame out and tells me tonight that there are two changes since the darling daughter left home.  He can cook anytime he wants without having to work around her and he hasn't had fast food since she left.  She would stop o her way home from work every Friday and get Chipotle burritos.  I was just thinking that McDonald's Chicken McNuggets sounded good.....

Speaking of birthdays.....My friend Kim is a year older.   My sister is a year older and three years away from her trip to France to celebrate her 50th birthday.  My brother is 50 this year and we did a photo album--this is your life--and someone (I like to blame my sister here) put the wrong date.  You would think we would know when he was born.  He told me he didn't know who was responsible since the album showed up sans note.  That is a quote.  My second brother will be 49 on Friday.  It always amazes people to know that before I was four years old, I had two brothers and a sister.  In fact, when Mary was born I was only three years and 10 months old.   One more birthday--my father-in-law will be 75 this year.  We were going to have a party fro him, but he declined.  Maybe just a family dinner.  One day I was over visiting and he was whining about not having a big scoop for soup and stuff.  I bought him one at Ikea to put on top of whatever gift card we get him this year.  He likes to go out to eat.  I wonder in Felipes has gift cards.  If you live in the Sacramento area--Felipes is a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that is fabulous.  Always clean, great food and real Mexican family who owns it.

Here it is!  The middle without borders is five squares by six squares.  Each square is 8.5 inches unfinished or 8 inches finished.  Wish me luck on the fabric hunt!

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